Alastair Galpin

took to world record-breaking in 2004 after being inspired by a record-setting rally driver in Kenya. What began as a hobby soon escalated into an active publicity pursuit. Today, he promotes the work of social and environmental causes. For these purposes, the most fitting game plans are chosen; then world titles are attempted and frequently created.

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Behind every world record attempt is the expertise of professionals in their field.

Their success underpins Alastair's.

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How To Be A Successful Record Breaker

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There seem to be plenty of folk who really want to know this, because I keep getting asked. I could write a compact step-by-step booklet with plenty of visuals, that would include:

  • Secrets which took me to #2 worldwide during the previous decade
  • Brainstorming, finding the right team, and gathering media interest
  • Tips to get active support from people who wouldn't otherwise get involved
  • Fast clever ways to analyse the benefits associated with potential records
  • Optimal balances between fun and commitment, useful milestone indicators and more...

The booklet would be download-able for a small payment.

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– It can be good and fast, but it won't be cheap.